Transcript of YouTube video 8-23-19

Texas Toledo Bend & Sam Rayburn Lake Info for Labor Day

Transcript of YouTube video 8-23-19 Hey everyone, Shane Allman here from Allman Company Realtors. I wanted to make a quick video. We've seen a lot of concern about people on social media that are concerned about the lake levels, especially at Toledo Bend. So I just figured I'd touch on that real quick and give you some information before you head up this way. If you hadn't been on Toledo Bend here in the last few weeks, it has fallen a ton. The Sabine River Authority has dropped the lake to 165; normal pool level is 172, so about seven feet below normal level. Right now there's a ton of stumps sticking out the lake. We hadn't seen that for about three years. The lake has been high and it stayed up here for the last two. So it's been three years since we've seen this kind of lake level. And I'm telling you, if you're not careful, you'll come up here and you'll tear your boat up. So I don't want to scare you from coming to the lake, I just want you to use caution. I know that bass boats are costing anywhere around$80,000 and the last thing you want to do is go out there and put a big tear down the side of your fiberglass. So use caution when you come up, do call ahead. If you know which boat ramps you normally use, you might check with the marinas or people in that area and find out how the ramp looks, if you can even launch there. Some of the marinas I know here, back when the lake was close to 14 feet low, some of the record lows, went in and put new ramps. Holly Park Marina up in Milam, Texas is one of those, I know they've got two ramps that are on deep water that are good to go. So do check with the areas that you're in. The farther north up the lake, where it's a lot shallower or the way back in the back of creek arms, those areas are the ones you really got to watch. Even though the boat lane may look open, it could only be a foot or two in places with stumps down under the surface. So use caution when you're there. I'd hate for you to come up here and tear your stuff up or tear your prop up. That stuff's not cheap. Now, Sam Rayburn, the lake level is great. Right now I think the lake is a little over 163, so it's about a foot below normal level. Should be good to run most everywhere in the lake that you normally run. Hazards shouldn't be that big of an issue. There's still water in the base of the bushes, so that's good. Areas to watch though around Rattlesnake Island there at the dam, that's always a popular area for boaters and the recreational boaters there on that holiday weekend, or any holiday weekend. So just use caution. Look for everybody. Make sure you're watching for the boats where you're running. Watch for the boat wakes. That's a kind of hidden hazard that people don't even think about. There are boat wakes coming across the lake and they hit it and they aren't prepared for it. If you come up and look at property, first of all, give us a call. We'd love to show you waterfront properties or any properties up at the lakes at Rayburn or Toledo Bend. I've got an office that covers the Toledo Bend area. It's based out of Hemphill, Texas and it's located there between the Dollar Store and the Quick Loop. Then I have an office on Sam Rayburn that is right between the Tackle Addict Tackle Store and the Stump Restaurant. There's also a new Jorgensen Marine Satellite office that's being attached to the Tackle Addict. So you may see that. I'm not sure exactly when they open, but it should be pretty soon. Again, if you're coming up, give us a call. We'd love to help you out; help you find a property. Check us out on Facebook, like us there and visit our website at We appreciate you and have a great day.