Unique dishes to try in Texas

Texans like their food rich, juicy, flavorful, and in portions as massive as the state itself. Here are dishes that nobody does better than people in the Friendship State:

Chicken-fried steak

This Texan specialty is not called “The Great Equalizer” for nothing. Small-town folk and big-city people alike come in droves to enjoy this crispy, juicy tenderized steak coated with creamy gravy.

Chili con queso

The original recipe for this simple tortilla dip is not considered comfort alone. This local favorite (especially in Austin) is now a sophisticated dish found in upscale restaurants. Foodies love its elaborate toppings and the different kinds of cheese that give it that to-die-for flavor.

Barbecue and steak

A grill is a must in every Texas household. This makes every Texan an expert when it comes to slow-smoking beef brisket or pork ribs over wood-fired heat. Texas steaks are also cooked with wood grills and barbecue pits. Add mango, green apple, or cucumber salsa and you’re all set.

Texas chili

This combination of dried chili and beef made into a fiery stew is often called “Texas Red.” Unlike regular chili, however, this one always excludes beans. It’s the red-hot chili, the tomato base, and a few flavorings that give this classic that palate-pleasing flavor.

Fried okra

This staple of Southern cooking involves coating okras in flour, cornmeal and/or a combination of both, and frying them to perfection. Ignored elsewhere, okra gets this appetizing twist in the Lone Star State.

Pecan pie

Texans takes their pie as seriously as their barbecue. In fact, pecan is the state’s official pie, and a Thanksgiving staple as well. Pecan pies are typically made with corn syrup and pecan nuts. Chocolate, honey, molasses, bourbon, and other ingredients are added to make this dessert even more heavenly.

Tex-Mex taco

This variant has added ingredients like crunchy corn tortillas (preferably homemade), and a side of salsa and lime. Many modern Tex-Mex restaurants use other types of meat and seafood for their tacos, plus different toppings like corn or zucchini as well.