Top 5 lake house trends and styles

We’ve come up with a list of trends and styles based on 10 of the most amazing lakeside homes and retreats in the world. Here are our favorites.

    1. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows
    If you’re living in a lakeside home, you’ll want to have unobstructed views. Installing floor-to-ceiling glass windows will do just that. If you’re worried about your privacy, you can add window treatments like drapes, a motorized shade, or roman shades.

    2. Green architecture
    Eco-friendly lakeside homes are big right now. Consider using solar power (even if partially), LED lighting, energy efficient appliances and water heaters, and sustainable materials to make your lakeside retreat a gift to you and Mother Nature.

    3. Classic pitched roof
    The timeless silhouette of a pitched roof on a classic or contemporary lakeside home is a statement-making architectural detail. A pitched roof is especially dramatic on a house with glass walls to create a 21st century fairy-tale lake house.

    4. Low-maintenance landscaping
    Forget the fussy. Opt for a low-maintenance garden or courtyard that blends seamlessly with your surroundings.
    Consider a rock garden, use mulch, or grow herbs (handy if you love spending time in the kitchen!).

    5. Light, neutral, or cool exterior colors
    Consider an all-white retreat, or go for cool blue-grays and slate grays that will make your home easily identifiable from the distance without disrupting the natural color scheme of your surroundings.

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