Super deep winter bass fishing in Toledo Bend

Toledo Bend Lake not only holds the distinction of being the largest manmade body of water in Texas (and the whole southern United States). It’s a prime hotspot for avid anglers, especially those who like to fish for bass during the winter.

Although most fish are unlikely to nibble on bait when the temperature drops, it’s still possible to catch bass lurking in their favorite spots, especially in Toledo Bend.

If you’d like to give it a try, here’s how.

    1. Be patient. Keep in mind that metabolism slows down during winter because there is less insects and vegetation for bass to feed on. Therefore, they respond more slowly to bait. If you’re up to braving the cold, use a 3/4-to-1 ounce pig and jig lure or around 3/4-to-1 ounce spinner bait, both of which slowly roll out to catch the attention of the bass.

    2. To catch double-digit bass, fish towards the end of January. It’s during this time of the year when the larger bass starts to go into a pre-spawn pattern. For a productive time, try spinner baits, soft plastics, traps, and cranks at certain creek points. If you want better fish, use items such as brush hogs, tubes, and jigs. You can carry on with this method until February.

    3. Position yourself along the river channel or bends in deep-water creeks. You’re more likely to catch black bass at these points as the bass are likely to be in these areas during early winter. If you’re looking to snag a white bass, concentrate on the lower end of the river and work your way slowly north.

    4. Employ electronic fish finders. These devices will help you locate deeper schools of bass hiding in underwater humps or submerged roadbeds.

    5. Scope out all possible locations. Read up on the characteristics of the area you’re going fishing in. Study the
    habits of bass during wintertime. Now, go out there and put everything you learned to use.

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