Nacogdoches TX Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Nacogdoches TX

Welcome to the oldest town in Texas! Nacogdoches City has a rich history that goes back to the 1200s when Caddo Indians settled in the Nacogdoches Area. It wasn’t until 1779 that Nacogdoches officially became a town thanks to Antonio Gil Y’barbo, a Spanish trader who led a group of settlers to live in the area.

Historical Fun Facts

Are you ready for this? Nacogdoches carries not six, but nine flags, the additional three being the Gutierrez-Magee Republic, Long Republic, and Fredonian Republic.

The oldest town is home to many Texas firsts: the first installed ceiling fan, first oil well drilled in 1866, the first newspaper set to type in 1813, and the first wine cellar, to name a few.

Nacogdoches transformed from an agricultural community to mainly a trade and commerce town when the Houston East and West Texas Railroad came to Nacogdoches in 1882

Life in Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches is a great place to live, with newly emerging employment opportunities, educational possibilities, and flexible retirement choices available in the city.

The local government even has a human resource department that assists residents with their employment needs. Parents need not worry about where to send their children to school, as there are 15 public K-12 schools and three private schools that they can choose from. Nacogdoches is also home to Stephen S. Austin State University. Planning to retire here?Health care options are plentiful in this town andthere are 11 nursing homes and six hospitals in the area.

Real Estate in Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches has a wide range of housing options. These include large working farms and ranches, raw land, newly built executive homes with all the upscale amenities you’d expect, modest yet comfortable starter homes, and more.


The city is quite the popular destination among tourists because of its diverse attractions. One can go antique shopping, stroll through thedowntown area with its red brick roads, admire the mix of the historic and modern architecture, or go on nature walks. And with a busy calendar of activities filled with all kinds of events for kids and adults, there’s always something going on in Nacogdoches!