Martinsville TX Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Martinsville TX

Martinsville, Texas is a small town nestled in Nacogdoches County. It was first known as Martin’s Mill or Martin City back in the 1850s after the community was founded and established by Dr. John D. Martin, who began a plantation and built a mill. The name Martinsville came about after the residents found out that there was already an area registered as Martin’s Mill when they applied for a post office back in 1867.

Lifestyle and Real Estate

Today, Martinsville remains a close-knit community of just under 200 residents. It is the perfect place for house hunters looking for a rural area that’s still within an arm’s reach of urban living, as it is located just 14 miles east of Nacogdoches City.

Martinsville properties appeal to those house hunters who are looking for inexpensive and comfortable places to live. This community offers a lifestyle that does not demand much in terms of living costs.

A Unique Education

Martinsville School had its humble beginnings in 1894 and was also founded by Dr. John D. Martin. From a single building that just had two classrooms, it has gone through numerous changes and expansion over the years, and has seen improvements in facilities as well as a steady increase in enrollment. Not even a fire that burnt the building down could stop the school from operating; instead they held classes in the gymnasium and the nearby church. Now long rebuilt and refurbished, the school recently took advantage of its natural surroundings and built a nature trail where students can widen their learning in an outdoor setting.

Know More About Martinsville

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