Homeselling 101

Selling your home seems like a logical fit in today’s do-it-yourself lifestyle. Why get professional help when you can do everything yourself? Stake out a catchy FOR SALE sign on your lawn, hand out a few fliers, post it on your social media account, and you’re all set.


Well, not quite.

The problem is today’s market is as tight and as competitive as can be. Buyers know what they want. Sellers cater to buyers’ every want. Finding that perfect customer with the best offer can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, there are ways to make your property stand out in a crowded market.

Here are some:

  • Increase your curb appeal

  • First impressions are everything, and this age-old adage is alive and well in the real estate market. So make your front lawn as appealing as possible. Give your front door and porch a fresh coat of paint. Trim your lawn. Plant flowering shrubs.

  • Talk about your upgrades

  • Make your property stand out in a market flooded with foreclosures and short sales. Have your home inspected and
    try to rid it of all issues and problems. Pest inspections are a great way to start. You can even use upgrades as a selling point.

  • Stage everything

  • Treat your home as a model unit by presenting it in the best possible light. Schedule viewing hours when your home is at its best. Make sure you depersonalize and de-clutter your home. Little things like fresh flowers or the aroma of just-baked cookies or freshly brewed coffee will work wonders too.

  • Get professional help

  • Make this a priority. A professional real estate agent will raise your chances of selling your property faster, and at a price much better than you would ever imagine. They can help you look for buyers, market your home, and even aid you with the paperwork that will follow.

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