Guide: The best places to retire in Texas

Texas has always been one of the most popular destinations for retirees. With its warm weather, low cost of living, and a great mix of charming college towns, exciting cities, and friendlyneighbors – not to mentionhaving no state income tax –Texas has long attracted all kinds of newcomers.

It has also recognized retirement havens that do wonderful work for their residents by naming these areas Texas “Certified” Retirement Communities. The recognition is given to places that meet the state standard for healthcare, and have low crime rates and low taxes. Ideally, these enclaves also initiate activities like community events, programs, and the like to enhance the quality of life of their resident retirees.

Lufkin is a prime example of a certified retirement community, one of the first in Texas. Located at the southeastern end of the state, this all-American city’scost of living is below 15%of the national average, with home prices below $100,000. Lufkin retains its small-town vibe, with quiet neighborhoods and friendly residents, whereevery day unfoldsat a leisurely pace.

Another great place for retirees in Texas is Nacogdoches County. Known as the “Oldest Town in Texas,” the county is located in Texas Forest Country (East Texas). It received its certified retirement community recognition with top ratings in housing, work opportunity, healthcare, education, and activities for its retirees. The cost of living is cheaper than the national average by at least 12%, and housing costs are inthe $100,000 range and below. Nacogdoches County is a great choice for retirees who value tradition, a lower cost of living, and a relaxingway of life.

Tyler is a certified retirement community that stands out because of its distinctive charm. Known as the Rose Capital of America, Tyler is also home to the famous Texas Rose Festival. It’s a great community for retirees, with the cost of living at 15%below the national average, and homes at less than $150,000 in charming neighborhoods with tree-lined sidewalks and brick streets.

There is no age limit in truly living a beautiful life full of wonderful experiences and new things to learn. And in the state where everything is bigger and better, retirees may just find the best place to call home.