Dining options near Lake Toledo Bend

The Toledo Bend Reservoir is a frequently visited attraction within the margins of Texas and Louisiana. It’s a place to try several water sports and enjoy quality time with family and friends.

After trying out several activities in and around the lake, you should also check out the variety of food choices nearby.

Fisherman’s Galley, TX
If you’re looking for a taste of Southern home cooking on The Bend, head straight to Fisherman’s Galley. Sample the best fried fish in the neighborhood and be sure to hit their salad bar as well. The seafood buffet and the a la carte butterfly shrimp alone are enough for guests to keep coming back for more.

Hemphill BBQ Restaurant, TX
This wonderful mid-lake restaurant has been serving Texans and Louisianans for over 10 years now. Hemphill BBQ is known to locals and tourists alike for their mouthwatering slabs of excellently cooked meat. Frequent visitors are impressed by the staff and the owner has a reputation for being one of the friendliest people in town. Try the restaurant’s lip-smacking slow-cooked barbecue. You won’t regret it.

El Giro, LA
Craving for good Mexican food? El Giro is the ultimate fix for you. Give in to El Giro’s delicious and reasonably priced enchiladas with gravy, warm salsa, and a whole lot more. Enjoy the taste of homemade Mexican food with every bite of their best-selling fajita beef on crispy corn tacos.

Southern Classic Chicken Restaurant, LA
A trip to Louisiana would not be complete without a bite of Southern Classic Chicken Restaurant’s signature dish. Down to earth and less than an hour away from many areas in The Bend, the restaurant serves chicken strips that kids will flip over. Guests can also enjoy side offerings such as fried okra, corn on the cob, and red beans.
Visit the Toledo Bend Reservoir to enjoy the various activities and then find your way to any of those amazing restaurants around the lake.