Designing a modern farmhouse kitchen

A farmhouse kitchen is known for its charming and down-to-earth vibe.

What if you combined that with a bolder, more modern design aesthetic?

The results can be very chic.

Here are tips to achieve a stylish kitchen.

    1. Use light colors
    Most farmhouse kitchens are bathed in white. As the simplest and brightest hue in the spectrum, white makes a kitchen look fresh.

    • By adding light and cool colors (especially shades of blue and green), the kitchen becomes homey and refined at the same time.
    • Appliances of white enamel and stainless steel can also make the space come together nicely.
    • You can also add pale green or soft green accents to other fixtures in the room.

    2. Add pendant lights
    Pendant lights are another chic addition to make your kitchen cozy and intimate. These space savers come in different styles and are preferred by many modern home designers.

    • To create a blend of ingenious design and country charm, you can choose pendant lights with brass or glass elements.
    • If you want to make the lighting even more unique and creative, add your personal touch by making pendant lights your next DIY project.

    3. Go for subtle details
    Designing a modern kitchen with farmhouse appeal is your chance to get creative. The farmhouse style allows you to add vintage elements into the room. However, make sure you decorate with restraint and resist the urge to add one accessory too many.

    • The trick to making modern ideas and farmhouse aesthetic work is mastering subtlety.
    • Displaying quaint teacup sets, adorning the room with beautiful flower arrangements, and using mason jars are just some of the simple things that bring out that farmhouse charm.
    • On the other hand, you can use modern Jamaica barstools and incorporate marble and cement to the room’s natural elements to give it contemporary flair.