Broaddus TX Real Estate and Homes for Sale in Broaddus TX

Broaddus, Texas is a tiny community located in San Augustine County. Although only a little over 200 people live there year-round(according to the 2010 census), the town encapsulates the saying about good things coming in small packages.

First, this rural community is close to a number of thriving San Augustine County communities such as Zavalla, Chireno, Pineland, San Augustine, and Lufkin. While the average daily commute to these areas is roughly 20 minutes, the distance is a boon to Broaddus residents. This is a community that appreciates leaving the workday in their rear view mirrors as they head home to their rural paradise.

Affordable Living

With the average median income at $39,000, Broaddus residents are middleclass, happy to be living the rural dream in a neighborhood they can afford. The town’s wide-open spaces and generous lot sizes offer plenty of room for families to build and spread out.

The average price for a home in Broaddus is approximately $208,000, but homeowners aren’t quick to sell. Which makes it imperative for interested buyers to act fast when something becomes available because real estate here is in high demand.

With private lots and affordable living, homeowners are reluctant to give up their little piece of East Texas paradise. Once they do, properties go fast and it can take some time for another piece of real estate to become available. For this reason, house hunters interested in Broaddus will want to work with a seasoned and knowledgeable East Texas Realtor to snag these highly desired properties.


Families moving into Broaddus can look forward to being served by the Broaddus Independent School District. Like the community it has jurisdiction over, BISD is small and operates just three schools: Broaddus Elementary (PK-5), Broaddus Middle/High (Grades 6-12), and an alternative instruction school, Broaddus DAEP, for Grades 7-12.