5 home design trends to try before the year ends

Every year, design experts come up with something new to add to our homes.

Not only do these add-ons and changes make our homes beautiful, they also give the entire house a refreshing vibe.

All of us have our own personal taste and want different things. For those in need of some home styling tips, the list below highlights the latest trends that you can try out.

    1. The return of wallpaper
    Maybe it has something to do with the emergence of hipsters, but textured or patterned wall coverings are new again in 2015. Digital prints can be seen all over the most stylish homes of the year.

    2. Blue is the warmest color
    What goes well with marsala, a burgundy-like shade named the official Pantone color of the year? A brave pairing with blue. But not just any shade of blue. Try indigo or deep navy to go with the warm earthiness of marsala for the perfect color pairing for 2015.

    3. Mid-20th century modern isn’t over yet
    The craze for all things mid-20th century hasn’t died down, thanks to the popularity of the TV show “Mad Men,” which recently wrapped up. People are still mad over the clean lines and natural shapes that defined contemporary living in the 1950s.

    Here are 3 ways to get the look:

    • Add Jetsons-type wall clocks or lighting
    • Choose sleek chairs and sofas framed in wood
    • Accessorize with retro wall art, posters, bar carts, vintage glassware

    4. Cowhide is cool
    It’s easy to incorporate cowhide in any of the aforementioned trends. Its straightforward look goes with most themes and can be incorporated into rugs, pillows, or artwork.

    5. Go bold with gold
    Homeowners need nerve and confidence to go for gold. It’s time to stop limiting yourself to “safe” silver or stainless steel elements. A sleek finish is also required for that extra shine.

It’s not enough to follow trends blindly especially when it comes to interiors because fads fade.

While it’s important to keep your house looking fresh and modern, it’s also important to put a trend-proof touch to the accessories and looks you go for.

A flexible aesthetic is important so that you won’t have any trouble adding and improving things in your home.