2016’s best home landscape ideas

2015 was a good year for gardening. And many of the trends that made their way into our gardens and yards last year are here to stay. This includes having more drought-tolerant plants and edible gardens.

Here are landscape ideas you can apply on your own backyard:

Subtle color themes

This is the year for flowers with softer hues and more delicate tones. So steer away from bright petals and fences that come in neutral colors. Fences (and even houses), on the other hand, are adopting the European trend with shades of black and deep blue.


LEDs emit warm colors that create a welcome ambience and give gardens that perfect nighttime glow. Light control systems that enhanced plant growth are also a boon. The best part is, you can now access these systems that can control dimness and brightness of light on your smart phones or tablets.

Plants, edibles, and natives

Ornamental gardens are slowly becoming things of the past. People are bringing back more edibles and natives to their gardens. These edibles are also practical because they cut food costs by saving you trips to the neighborhood grocer. Demand for plants with off-season flowers and those with intricate branching patterns, meanwhile, is growing.

Manageable and sustainable designs

More and more homeowners now go for plants that match their lifestyle. Today’s fast-paced world calls for low-maintenance flowering plants and foliage with multi-seasonal appeal. Landscape designers are also beginning to further incorporate the architecture and topography of a place into the kind of foliage found around the home.

Transforming outdoor spaces

Yards are not just shifting its focus from flowers and hardscapes to plants and vegetables. Outdoor spaces are no longer simple dining areas. They’ve become multi-functional, too, as choice spots for relaxation and conversation. No wonder demand for garden furniture and other outdoor accessories is on the rise.