10 dishes Texas does better than anywhere else

Not only is the Lone Star State famous for football and its longhorns, it’s also well known for a ton of excellent food Texans are justifiably proud of.

The dishes listed below were created, improved, and perfected in Texas.

Warning: Don’t read this list with an empty stomach or you’ll be heading to the nearest Texan restaurant in your neighborhood.

    1. Chili and chili con carne
    Chili is the official dish of Texas and it comes in two types: the Texan and the Tex-Mex version. Those who like beans on their chili can go with the Tex-Mex version.

    2. Chicken fried steak
    Here’s another pride of Texas, the massive and equally delicious Chicken Fried Steak. Tenderized beefsteak is breaded, fried, and then smothered in peppered milk gravy. A must-try.

    3. Pecan pralines and pecan pie
    As the official nut of Texas, pecans play an important role in Texan dishes. Combine them with caramel and brown sugar, and you’re good to go.

    4. Corn dogs
    Sausage makers created the corn dog because of Texans’ aversion to eating sausage. Now, corn dogs have become a true American favorite.

    5. Fried okra
    The dish only requires buttermilk, cornmeal, spices, and a fryer—things that every Texan home surely has. It’s easy to make and serves as a perfect add-on to many Texan dishes.

    6. Fajitas, cheese enchiladas and chimichangas
    Fajitas were created by the lovely folks in the ranches of South and West Texas, a dish made up of skirt steak, veggies, and cheese.

    The classic enchilada is filled with vegetables, meat, and tortillas doused in layers of cheese. It is now a signature dish of Texas

    Chimichanga is a fried burrito that actually originated from a happy accident.The dish is a perfect combination of crunchiness and creaminess.

    7. Brisket
    Any description of Texas wouldn’t be complete without including their barbecue. There are so many delicious varieties in the state but there’s nothing like a Texas-style brisket that has been smoked for eight hours.

So, are you all hungry already? Cave in to the craving while you’re under Texas sun.