Upcoming Bassmaster Tournament in Toledo Bend

It’s a true delight to have the prestigious Bassmaster Elite Series return to the waters of Toledo Bend Reservoir. The tournament will take place on May 12 to 15, 2016 at Cypress Bend Park in the 185,000-acre lake.

The return of the renowned tournament to Toledo Bend was first announced by B.A.S.S. sometime in August last year. It created the expected buzz among anglers wishing to participate in the event.

The announcement came at the same time Toledo Bend earned the top spot for the best bass fishing like in the United States. That’s why it made perfect sense for the Bassmaster Elite Series to hold their competition in the reservoir — where else can you get the best bass?

Hospitable community

“When you combine the best fishery in the country and a host community that has always rolled out the red carpet for our anglers fans, and sponsors, you are certain to have a fantastic event,” said Michael Mulone, B.A.S.S.’ director of event partnerships, in an interview with

“We are grateful for our continued partnership with Many, Louisiana, and look forward to another successful tournament,” Mulone added.

According to Bassmaster Magazine editor James Hall, it was fitting to name Toledo Bend as the best bass lake in the country.

An easier win

“When a lake certifies 80 bass that weigh over 10 pounds in a 12-month time frame, it’s pretty easy to name it the best bass lake in the nation,” he explained. The fact makes it easier for participants to actually catch over 25 pounds in order to win the tournament.

“The lake is simply full of big bass. And to put an exclamation point on the lake’s ranking, an event held there just after Bassmaster’s 100 Best Bass Lakes were announced saw a 38.22-pound five-fish winning limit. The lake is simply on fire right now!”

We can’t wait for the upcoming Bassmaster Elite Series in Toledo Bend this year. For more news and updates, check out their official website.

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