Toledo Bend named No. 1 Bass Lake in the US

A Texas haven for people who love the outdoors has been declared by Bassmaster Magazine as the No.1 bass fishing lake in the country.

The Toledo Bend Reservoir, a lake that’s 34,110 feet at its deepest and with a surface area of 185,000 acres, makes it to the top spot this year.

The Bend is located in Texas and in some parts of Louisiana.

Toledo Bend has always been a top contender since Bassmaster started the rankings in 2012. This year, the fishery takes the lead among the nine Texas lakes that made it to the Top 10.

Other top lakes

Sturgeon Bay on Lake Michigan ranks second in Bushmaster’s list.

Lake St. Clair, a reservoir near Detroit takes the third spot.

Coming in at fourth place is the California Delta near Sacramento.

Sam Rayburn, another Texas lake, sums up the Top 5.

Great fishing spot since 1967

Since this manmade reservoir was established in 1967, Toledo Bend has steadily earned a reputation for being a great fishing spot.

The same can be said for Sam Rayburn, which was impounded in 1965.

Some of the other Texas lakes that made it to the Top 100 are Lake Ray Roberts, Falcon Lake and Lake Conroe.

Fans vote

This list was created through extensive research and by surveying anglers, wildlife departments, BASS Nation presidents and conservation directors all over the country.

The 600,000 or so Facebook fans of BASS also played a huge role in this year’s vote.

Last year, Sturgeon Bay grabbed the top spot. In 2013, it was Lake St. Clair that brought pride to Michigan. 2012 was another good year for Texas as Falcon Lake won first place.

Staying at #1

Being chosen as #1 has attracted an influx of anglers who want to see what makes these lakes the best.

Toledo Bend can expect good things coming its way before a new fishery takes it place. There are still many changes that can occur and it remains to be seen whether Toledo Bend retains its current position next year.

However, being #1 this year is already a huge milestone that will forever put Toledo Bend in the map of the best bass lakes in the country.