Things to do in Sabine County

A county rich in history, Sabine County is named after the Sabine River, which runs along its eastern border.

Here, residents enjoy a hometown atmosphere, combined with acres of beautiful open space, lush rolling meadows, and dense forests. Nature lovers will find plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation in Sabine County, with the Sabine National Forest and the Sabine River providing the perfect setting for unforgettable outdoor adventures.

Here are a few activities you can enjoy in Sabine County:

  • The Sabine National Forest is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. The forest covers over 160,000 acres, and contains several recreational sites for different activities such as camping, fishing, and boating. Additionally, massive wilderness areas in the forestoffer a primeval experience for more adventurous hikers, campers and hunters.
  • The Angelina National Forest, located around 40 miles west of Sabine County, offers visitors a very picturesque setting, as it is located right next to a 114,000-acre lake. The forest features miles of hiking trails, several campgrounds, and rental cabins with panoramic views of the lake.
  • The Sabine River is an excellent destination for locals and visitors looking for water activities such as canoeing, swimming, fishing, and more. Outdoor lovers will find many campgrounds, parks, and picnic areas located along the banks of this majestic river, facilities that are great for weekend trips with friends or family.
  • The Toledo Bend Reservoir, which is located along the Sabine River, is the place for avid birdwatchers.This leisurely activity can be enjoyed throughout the year, as different species can be spotted during different seasons. Birds to look out for include the wood duck, red-eyed vireo, hooded warbler, orchard orioles, white-crowned sparrow, indigo and painted buntings, Carolina wren, and many more.
  • Lake Sam Rayburn, which is mere minutes away from Sabine County, is considered one of the top fishing spots in the state, and offers many other activities such as boating, jet skiing, and many more.