Farmhouse-style décor

Inspired by the simplicity of farmhouses found in the countryside, this style of decorating is marked by simplicity, rustic charm, and repurposing and upcycling.

It adapts to a lot of other architectural styles, allowing homeowners to personalize rooms more easily with a wide variety of fixtures and accessories – unlike other modern interior design themes that don’t lend themselves to personalization.

Here are some tips for gorgeous farmhouse-style additions and renovations:

1. Employ wooden accents

Wood is one of the most distinct characteristics of the farmhouse style, used in beams, walls, paneling, floors, and accents.

  • Paint the wooden elements white to double down on farmhouse style. Picture how rustic and refreshing kitchen cabinets, or wood-planked walls will look like when they’re painted white.
  • Skip the paint and haul in a wooden farmhouse table for your kitchen or dining room. Pair it with modern chairs for striking contrast.
  • Mix wood with stone and concrete elements as long as long as they have a homey, unpolished vibe.

2. Keep it light and laidback

A traditional farmhouse is usually filled with white accents or painted materials that make the place look brighter than ever.

Alternatives to white are cream or light beige, which also exude an inviting aura that is typically found in this interior design style.

The farmhouse style is all about country charm and has an overall relaxed feeling.

3. Showcase farmhouse style in the kitchen and dining room

Much of the activity in traditional farmhouses occurs in these areas, which modern designers have adapted by creating wide open spaces in the kitchen and dining room.

It is in these spaces that the unique qualities of a farmhouse come out. For example, a farmhouse kitchen typically has a mix of open shelves and a plate rack for the home’s white china.

Most farmhouses also have pot racks and apron-front sinks.

4. Shop in specialty stores

From galvanized metal to mason jars and vintage-style lighting, many of the details that make a home authentically farmhouse can already be found in modern furniture and accent stores – or you can buy them online.

It’s always a great idea to shop at places specializing in anything vintage or antique when decorating using this design aesthetic.

Any home, old or new, can be transformed into a wonderful picture of simplicity and charm with the farmhouse style.