Decorating your lake house

It’s not always easy to come up with a harmonious arrangement for all the rooms and spaces in your home.

Lake houses can be especially tricky because there are many more elements that come into play.

So, whether you just recently bought a lake house or you’re planning to redecorate, you should keep in mind the two biggest elements of your waterfront home:

The view

This sets your lake home apart from ordinary houses. It’s the first thing you need to consider when decorating – how to highlight and incorporate the view with the rest of the home’s features.

  • Use bump-out bay windows to emphasize the sight
  • Skip heavy drapery. For privacy, use soft linen curtains or a similar lightweight material.
  • Install sliding pocket doors to bring the outside in and fill your vases with flowers from your garden to create harmony between the inside and outside of your home.

The architecture and style

The items you choose and the arrangements you make on your lakefront home should highlight the beautiful features of the property and convey your personality.

  • Use a predominantly white palette to make rooms appear bigger and brighter. Darker ceilings, for example, can be painted a brighter shade of gray to open up the living space.
  • Incorporate the unique elements of the original architecture in your new design.
  • Be inspired by the rustic, effortless feel of lake houses. Simplify your color scheme, add earth tones, or go for something monochromatic when selecting fixtures.
  • Achieve an informal, laidback vibe by mixing different motifs and styles.
  • Your home doesn’t have to be flawlessly planned out and styled.

As long as the unique qualities of the home shine through and your personal touch can be felt, you’ve done your job.

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