Backyard 101: Trees you should never plant in your yard

It can be quite exciting to finally start working on your yard. After putting in a lot of time beautifying the inside of your home, it’s time to shift your focus outside.

If you’re looking to plant a tree in your yard, here’s a comparison of popular types to suit your purpose.

Shade – Ash vs. Sorrel/Sourwood

Ash is popular in residential neighborhoods. It’s known to be a sturdy tree. In fact, baseball bats are made from ash. However, you might want to rethink planting ash in your yard. It is usually infested by tiny beetles called emerald ash borers whose goal is to eradicate your trees.

Sorrel (or Sourwood) is a wonderful shade tree. It blooms in July and its dazzling red leaves serve as the perfect shade in the fall.

Ornamental – Lombardy Poplar vs. Smoke Tree

Lombardy Poplar is known for its unique and elegant columnar shape and is often used to line driveways to make them look elegant. However, your property’s splendor may diminish by the diseases and bugs that can easily take over this plant.

The Smoke Tree is a unique and interesting alternative. It blends beautifully with hedges and adds bursts of pink or yellow, and orange and red to your garden.

Fragrance – Bradford Pear vs. Saucer Magnolia

One would expect orchard trees to be both beautiful and fragrant but unfortunately, that is not always the case.

The Bradford Pear is striking for its shape and gorgeous blossoms. However, its dazzling beauty is no match for the stink it emanates. Plus, it’s prone to cracking and splitting as it ages. Yikes.

The Saucer Magnolia , on the other hand, blooms with aromatic white and purple flowers to make you love springtime even more.

So, choose wisely and just take good care of every plant in your yard.