6 questions you need to ask before buying that waterfront property

There are plenty of things to consider when you’re looking to buy property.

But when the property you’re interested in lies along the shoreline, the list can be considerably longer.

As with anything, equipping yourself with the right information results in better outcomes.

So if you’re planning to buy a waterfront home, here are a few questions you’ll need to find answers to:

    1. What’s the property like off season?
    Your waterfront property may be perfect during spring and summer, but what’s it like when winter comes? Find out how the home holds up throughout the changing seasons. This will help you decide whether or not to continue with your purchase.

    2. Do you really need to buy a home right next to the water?
    If you’d like to live close to the water, whether sandybeach or lake, a waterfront home may be ideal—but not as necessary as you might think. You can purchase an offshore home for a lot less—and still live a few steps away from all the water activities you enjoy.

    3. What do the residents think of the place?
    You won’t find a better source of information than the people who live in the area. Ask them if they enjoy living there. What were some of the mistakes they made when they moved in?

    4.Have you scoped out properties in similar locations?
    Don’t settle on a single area. Broaden your search and check out properties in other locations. Find out why prices differ from place to place.

    5. How close is the property to your place of work?
    …or to hospitals, grocery stores, schools? In short, any place you deem important. A home may have the perfect view of the bay, but if it’s a long way from the places you frequent, the drive or commute may prove tedious and timeconsuming.

    6. Do you like the neighborhood?
    Spend time in the area. Get to know the vibe at different times of the day. Walk around the neighborhood or take a leisurely drive around town. You never know what sort of information or insight you might glean just by hanging around the place.